What Is Iridology?

What Is Iridology?

The simple definition of iridology is the study of the iris, sometimes including the pupil. The practice of iridology, however, is considerably more involved than simple color association. While the study of the iris and its colors is the basis of iridology, ironically, this alternative health tool is not about the eyes.

The Use of Iridology

The premise of iridology is the belief that it is possible to diagnose and determine health concerns through changes in the iris and pupil. These include changes such as differences in the color or texture of the eye. 

Iridology and practices like eye grazing are considered diagnostic in nature. By studying and examining the marks and colors of the iris, iridology states that conditions or abnormalities in the body can be identified. 

Although the history of iridology dates back more than a hundred years, it has failed to gain much endorsement from the medical community. That history, though, could potentially change in the near future.

Iridology Today

Much of the practice of iridology was traditionally based on the practitioner’s interpretation. The lack of scientific or medical backing also led to the lack of accreditation for the practice of iridology. Advancements in computer-based biometric analysis, however, could change all of that.

These advancements and more recent studies have started to give the practice of iridology a more solid footing. More importantly, the modernization of iridology may soon find its way into more practical applications.

The practice of iridology, while not commonly available at the optometrist office, is offered at some alternative health sources and by holistic practitioners. Although iridology is still in the process of being adopted into the medical community, it only appears to be a matter of time.

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