Wellness Center in Humble, TX

When we upgraded to a larger location in 2017, A Gift of Health also made the leap to offering holistic health services. Today, we’re proud to operate a wellness center right inside our store, where you can come for a full range of health-oriented services. We’re one of the few iridology practitioners in Humble, TX, and we also offer hair analysis, Zyto™ scanning, far infrared sauna treatment and smart pulse evaluation, to clue you in about your health!

Hair Analysis

You can tell a lot about someone’s health by analyzing their hair! It’s used for everything from genetic testing to drug testing, because hair follicles are known to trap and store molecules for long periods of time. A hair mineral analysis is a test that measures the mineral content of your hair, which reflects the presence of minerals in your body. Too much or too little of essential minerals can really affect your health and wellbeing.

We provide hair analysis testing at our in-store wellness center, using a 3″ piece of hair, gently pulled from the scalp. Our test can reveal vital mineral counts and levels within your body and one of our experienced team members can help you understand what your results mean.


Your eyes can show physical and emotional predispositions—how you react to certain stimuli. This, in turn, can help you understand more about your body and its overall health. It’s a practice called Iridology.

Iridology observes the iris to learn more about an individual’s health. An iris chart is used to show different parts of the human body in relation to the eye, to determine any abnormalities in behavior or thinking, so you can work to correct their influence on your lifestyle. We perform this service in-store at our Humble, TX wellness center and can educate you on what your iris profile looks like and what it means.

Zyto Scan

A Zyto Scan measures your hand’s galvanic skin response—electrical fluctuations that occur in the sensitive cells of your skin membrane. Based on the readings, proprietary software generates a profile of how your body’s electrical charge responds to ideal baselines and, through comparison, the software is able to provide feedback information about what products might best attune your body to an ideal baseline. It’s a great way to learn about which supplements might be right for you.

Relax® Far Infrared Sauna

The Relax® Sauna is made with 40 pieces of hi-tech temperature-controlled semi-conductors. Wavelength and temperature are controlled by the program, which maintained a steady wavelength between 4~14um, which is easily absorbed by our body, penetrating deeply. This infrared light promotes the release of toxins stored in the body for a refreshing release that can improve everything from how you feel to your mood!

Smart Pulse

One of the easiest, most non-invasive ways to check your stress and heart health is to test with a Smart Pulse. Smart Pulse effectively measures arterial health (APG) and physical/emotional stress (HRV). Both APG and HRV are well-established and recognized.

  • ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function test
  • Measurement of the minute change in heart beats (HRV)
  • Breathing exercise function (RSA)
  • Short measuring time (~3 minutes)

Become Attuned to Your Body’s Needs

The best way to give your body what it needs is to learn those needs first. Through our full complement of holistic wellness services, A Gift of Health strives to provide you with the information you need to take care of yourself in the best way possible. Stop into our wellness center in Humble, TX today or call us at 281-540-4372 to learn more!