What Can a Hair Analysis Test Reveal About You?

Doctors can test bodily fluids like urine and blood using various testing methods. Routinely, scientists use hair to perform drug and DNA tests. However, hair can also tell a story about your health. If you are asking, “What can a hair analysis tell you?” there are many things. If you have never had a hair tissue mineral analysis completed before, you may not know that it is a service that can reveal insight into your overall health.

Hair Analysis Testing

What is a hair analysis? Hair analysis testing involves hair being either pulled out from the root or cut from the head. The lab technician will ask you what type of hair products and shampoo you use. The lab will normally try to wash the hair of sweat, oil, skin cells, and products prior to examining it under a microscope. There are even some labs that will cut the hair or grind it into powder. Some labs will even conduct a chemical analysis depending on what they are trying to find.

A sample will likely be taken close to your skin for general hair analysis tests. That sample will undergo a variety of chemical processes to determine its makeup. Furthermore, ICP spectrometry is also used to help refine results. Not only will the sample undergo various chemical processes, but it will also undergo various digestive procedures.

Before conducting a hair analysis, you should make sure that you have some understanding of the type of hair sample that is needed and the best practices for collecting it. Your body hair can be a perfect substitution if you do not have a sufficient amount of hair on your head.

Hair Analysis Testing Results

The hair on your head usually remains for two to six years before falling out. While your hair is growing, tiny blood cells in and around the follicle feed the growth. Your hair will naturally absorb whatever you eat and drink.

Hair analysis tests can reveal many health conditions. It can also be used in drug and paternity testing. Your hair tissue can tell doctors about the number of heavy metals, such as mercury, present in your bloodstream and genetic disorders, such as Fragile X syndrome.

If you feel you are suffering from alopecia, a hair analysis test can reveal if that is an area of concern. Hair analysis testing can also reveal the number of certain minerals in your body, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Be sure to give specific information before testing if you are looking for certain results from your hair analysis test.

If you are interested in learning more about hair analysis testing and having your own performed, there are various companies you can contact. You may even be able to have testing conducted from a health and wellness store that offers organic and natural foods.  

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