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Top 10 Best Performing Topical CBD Options

It’s hard to miss the enthusiasm for CBD topical products these days in Humble, TX and beyond. CBD is often touted as a sort of “wonder drug,” which can do anything from relieve anxiety to cure pain—or so its proponents claim. While this non-psychoactive cannabis derivative does seem to show promise, there are no concrete […]

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Could CBD Oil Help with Your Ailments?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a therapeutic substance derived from cannabis plants. It is not marijuana—CBD oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC (which creates the “high”), and it’s legal in most states. It is a popular item among health and beauty products in Humble, TX because it works for many ailments. Here are six things […]

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Improve Wellness with CBD Supplements and Vitamins

There is a new wellness product that is rapidly finding popularity throughout the United States. It’s called CBD. Though it is often overshadowed by the much louder debate over the legalization of marijuana, this incredible product has very little to do with its controversial cousin. In fact, there are a variety of CBD wellness products […]

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