Health and Beauty Products in Humble, TX

You’ve heard the phrase, “your body is a temple.” It means you need to treat yourself with kindness, care and respect—including the foods you eat and the products you use to groom yourself. At A Gift of Health, we believe in treating your body like a temple, which is why we stock a huge selection of health foods and natural beauty products at our Humble, TX store.

Whether you’re trying to eat better to control an illness or want organic alternatives to beauty and skincare products, rest assured you’ll find them here. Our friendly staff is more than happy to recommend natural health products fit for your lifestyle and concerns. You won’t find a better selection anywhere else!

Health Foods

Following a special diet to try and improve your health? Have allergy restrictions that make it hard to find healthy options at your usual Humble, TX grocery store? We have a select range of health foods that accommodate individuals following all types of lifestyles and diets! Come to us for blood sugar balancing products, keto-friendly products and bulk herbs and teas, meant to give you an edge in maintaining a healthy diet. Some product we offer include Blood sugar balancing products, Bulk herbs and teas and Keto products.

Health Products

Even if you’re eating healthy and following strict wellness guidelines, the world around us can be a toxic place. It’s important to have health products that can draw out the toxins our bodies might be harboring! We stock products to do just that, as well as essential oils that can influence your mood and mindset for the better. Some includeColic relief products, Essential oils,and Toxin removal products

Beauty and Skincare

Tired of looking at labels with dozens of multi-syllable chemicals and caustic compounds? Get your beauty and skincare products here! We only stock natural, eco-friendly, safe products, designed to help your body instead of subjecting it to harsh ingredients and carcinogens.

  • Fluoride-free toothpaste
  • Natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Organic deodorant
  • Natural soaps and sea salt
  • Organic perfumes
  • Skincare products

Treat Your Body Right

If you’re on a mission to care for your body in the best way possible, A Gift of Health is ready to help. Visit our convenient location in Humble, TX today or call us at 281-540-4372 to inquire about a specific product you’re looking for.