Iridology in Humble, TX

Your eyes are the gateway to your health. That’s why, at A Gift of Health, we practice iridology. Through iridology, we’re able to help residents of Humble, TX understand their overall health and wellness better, and provide insight into any underlying or developing conditions they need to concern themselves with. Come visit us for an iridodiagnosis, for a more accurate picture in your health and wellness.

What is Iridology?

Iridology—also called iris gazing—is a form of holistic medicine that involves looking at the eyes (iris) to determine health conditions and wellness. Eye health is often indicative of overall health, and each organ in the human body has a corresponding region in the iris (as many as 90 individual regions). Iridology involves looking at the color, composition and reactivity of your iris to understand the health of other systems in the body.

To capture an iridodiagnosis, we’ll use gentle lights, cameras and magnification equipment to take a closer look at your irises. Using an iridology chart, we’ll diagnose your iris’ composition to better understand how your body is being affected by environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and more.

Benefits of Iridology

As a form of holistic medicine, iridology is non-invasive and doesn’t require any special prescriptions. We simply observe your iris’ natural state to create an informed diagnosis of potential problems that are either preexisting or developing. The benefits of iridology are numerous, including:

  • Can detect signs of developing illness
  • Detection leads to prevention and early treatment
  • Insight into constitutional strengths and weaknesses
  • Consultation is simple and painless
  • It’s a holistic method of treatment and prevention

Get Your Iridodiagnosis

If you’ve never explored the benefits of iridology, A Gift of Health will introduce you to them! Call us today at all us today at 281-540-4372 to discuss iridology or visit our convenient location in Humble, TX to have your iris’ read and to get an iridodiagnosis that we’ll explain to you.