Botanicals Proven to Battle Cancer and Stop Tumor Growth

Tumor growth is often a major health threat that is accompanied by cancer. Every day, many people struggle with this health concern. But certain botanicals may provide a solution. New research with botanicals indicates that Andrographis and French grape seed shrink tumors.

This could be a major breakthrough for those fighting certain types of cancer. If this new research with botanicals can be applied to treatments, patients may see amazing results.

Here’s an overview of the research and the encouraging outcomes.

A bit of background

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the top three most common cancers globally. The cancer cells that develop with this illness are often resistant to chemotherapy drugs. This means the cancer can become deadly and untreatable. New solutions are desperately needed to help those struggling with this illness. In search of answers, researchers have turned to certain botanicals for their healing benefits.

The latest research

The new research with botanicals paired two key specialized extracts: Andrographis and French grape seed. These extracts had been studied previously, but researchers wanted to test the theory that, either together or separately, these extracts could be effective at stopping tumor growth.

Researchers tested the extracts’ ability using cell cultures and human cancer tumors in animal models. The results were incredible. The botanicals both reduced the tumor size individually and even more so when combined. They were shown to be effective at reducing tumor size and stopping cancer cells. This could be a game changer for CRC patients.

How Andrographis and French grape seed work

As natural products, these extracts work within the body’s systems to help fight cancer. Andrographis and French grape seed are effective at shrinking tumors because they work in multiple ways. While chemotherapy treatments are specific in how they attempt to fight cancer and slow or stop tumor growth, these botanicals attack the cancer on many fronts. Both extracts have been shown in previous studies to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.

Expert dosage recommendations

Researchers suggest a dosage of 700-800 mg of Andrographis per day and 400 mg per day of French grape seed extract. This combination may create a significant cancer-fighting solution that is more effective than using each botanical separately and more effective than using chemotherapy alone.

Where to find cancer-fighting botanicals

For those who want to use Andrographis and French grape seed to shrink tumors, look for these powerful extracts at a local health foods store. The experts there can answer additional questions about extracts, offer supplies of certain products and provide additional consultation services to improve personal health.

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