Soaphisticated: How Natural Soap Is Made, and Why It Matters

Soap is soap, right? If it gets you clean, does it matter what the ingredients are? The answer is yes, it does. There are big differences between natural soap and commercial soap.

If you’re not knowledgeable about what you’re washing with, you might be missing out on an opportunity to level up in your shower game.

What is natural soap made of?

Natural soaps are made from natural (and sometimes organic) ingredients. Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are used in hard and liquid soaps, respectively. The rest of the ingredients often comprise plant butters and oils. This means that natural soaps contain more nutrients and vitamins than commercially-made soaps; for example, glycerin is a soap byproduct that enhances moisturization.

Why natural soap is superior

Not sold on natural soap yet? Here are the benefits of using natural soap vs commercial soap:

  • It’s real soap: The commercially-available soap you probably use in your day-to-day life is more of a detergent than a soap. Even The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) agrees: “Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products. Detergent cleansers are popular because they make suds easily in water and don’t form gummy deposits.”
  • Better ingredients: Natural soap is made from whole ingredients, like shea butter, olive oil, flowers, vegetables, spices and other better This creates a product that is not only moisturizing but free of harmful or unnecessary chemicals, synthetics and preservatives.
  • Better moisturization: Since natural soap contains glycerin, as well as the oils used, it helps moisturize your skin much better than commercially-produced soaps and body washes. You’ll retain moisture for a longer period of time.
  • Better for your skin: Natural soaps are better for your skin, thanks to the natural ingredients and the fact that they won’t strip your skin’s natural moisture just to feel clean.
  • Enjoy real scents: Since natural soap makers use superior ingredients, you’re more likely to get soap that’s scented with actual herbs and spices. Real essential oils make natural soap a more pleasant experience all around.
  • Better for the environment: When you buy natural soap, you’re helping protect the environment against unnecessary plastic bottles and other packaging. Furthermore, the fewer synthetics you wash down the drain, the better our world will be.
  • Unique: Let’s not forget that natural soap is far more unique than synthetic pumpkin spice or fresh linen scents. It also makes a great stocking stuffer.
  • Easier to support small businesses: Finally, buying natural soap makes it easier to support small businesses on a daily basis. When you need to stock up on soap, your local vendors are here to help.

There are plenty of reasons to switch to natural soap, so why not take this opportunity? Now that you know what natural soap is and what it’s made of, stop by A Gift of Health to find the right soaps for you. Whether you’re looking for a nicer way to wash up or health foods and supplements, we can help.

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