Andrographis: The Ayurvedic Answer for Overall Health

As natural medicinal solutions become more accepted, we are discovering many benefits of Andrographis. Andrographis can boost immune defense as well as provide several other health benefits. Some experts are looking to this substance as an answer for overall health.

Why is Andrographis so effective? Consider the following benefits of Andrographis that make this substance a potential health breakthrough for many who need immune defense or relief from other health concerns:

  • Liver health: Andrographis extract may reduce liver damage caused by toxins. Andrographis can also stop the overproduction of cells that the liver produces in attempts to heal itself. The powerful antioxidants present in Andrographis may help protect the liver and slow cellular damage and aging.
  • Immune health: One of the most well-known benefits of Andrographis is immune defense. The substance may help people recover more quickly from flus and colds. It can also boost the body’s immune system, so a person is less likely to succumb to illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • Cell health: When cellular damage occurs, tumors can grow. Andrographis may help prevent the cycle of melanoma cancer cell growth. The substance has also shown to produce positive results for pancreatic cancer cells and brain cancer. It may inhibit growth as well as migration of cancerous cells.
  • Digestive health: Digestive disorders are a common concern. Among the many benefits of Andrographis is an improvement in digestive health. It is often used for soothing digestive issues such as colon inflammation and ulcers in both the stomach and the intestines. Andrographis extract may increase the pH balance to reduce the acidity of these systems. It may also help preserve proteins that form the digestive system linings.
  • Joint health: Inflammation can destroy joint cartilage and cause painful arthritic conditions. Andrographis may prevent inflammatory triggers and relieve joint pain. It may protect cartilage and keep joint structures in healthy shape.
  • Heart health: Andrographis may lower cholesterol levels and relax blood vessels. It may reduce heart damage after heart attacks. Its benefits could prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. It is considered by some to be a powerful substance to help with cardiovascular health.
  • Mental health: In some cases, Andrographis may reduce the mental effects of chemotherapy because it helps brain cells communicate better. It may also decrease the body’s reaction to stressful circumstances. Andrographis may also reduce fatigue and boost energy levels. All of these benefits of Andrographis can help improve mental health.
  • Life health: With so many benefits, Andrographis is one of the top multi-tasking herbs to provide overall life health. It can help slow, reverse or prevent multiple illnesses and ailments.

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