Everything You Should Know About Iridology

It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul—but can they also provide an early diagnosis for medical conditions or show the underlying cause for why someone might be feeling ill? Iridologists believe so. Continue reading to learn more about iridology as an alternative health source for the eyes.

What is iridology?

Iridology is a form of holistic medicine that involves looking into a patient’s iris to determine health conditions and overall wellness. It’s believed that each organ has a corresponding region of the iris. An iridologist will look at the iris’s color, composition and reactivity to understand what’s going on inside a patient’s body.

There’s evidence of a practice similar to iridology occurring as far back as ancient Babylon, but it has remained popular to this day due to its many benefits, which we’ll cover below.

How it works

During an iridology exam, a professional uses gentle lights, cameras and magnification equipment to get a close look at a patient’s irises. Then, using an iridology chart, the iridologist will diagnose the iris’s composition to get an understanding of how the patient is being affected by toxins, poor nutrition or more serious health concerns.

There are over 90 individual regions of the iris to study, so health education via eyes should only be performed by professionals to ensure the reading is correct.

What are the benefits?

Iridology wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t have so many benefits. These are a few reasons to schedule an appointment with an iridologist:

  • Detects developing illnesses: If you’re feeling a bit off but don’t know why, you should consult an iridologist. After studying your iris, they may be able to pinpoint the reason behind your sudden illness and recommend a potential treatment plan.
  • Provides helpful health insight: You don’t have to be sick to seek health education via eyes. Judging by your irises, an iridologist can recommend taking supplements or tell you what life changes you need to make to improve your life.
  • It’s simple and painless: Many people shy away from seeing a doctor because they’re afraid of getting pricked and poked. That’s not a worry when you get an iridodiagnosis—it’s a quick, easy and non-invasive process.

Get your iridodiagnosis at A Gift of Health

If you’re ready to try iridology as an alternative health source for the eyes for yourself, then come to A Gift of Health. These are the reasons to choose our pros:

  • Experience: As we touched on above, iridology is complicated and takes years of practice to master—and that’s just what you’ll find at A Gift of Health. We’ve been doing it for years, so you’re in good hands with us.
  • Wellness services: Iridology isn’t the only form of holistic medicine we practice. We also perform hair analyses and ZYTO scans to give you a complete picture of how your body is doing.

Whether you’re not feeling quite right or you’d just like to see how you can improve your overall well-being, stop by and see our iridology team at A Gift of Health. We’re happy to provide you with helpful health education via eyes.

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