Boost Your Immunity Through Proper Digestive Health

In today’s uncertain times, the United States and the whole world are increasingly concerned about the spread of coronavirus. Some experts are even suggesting that the United States could experience the worst parts of the outbreak. Regardless of whether or not that winds up being true, it’s more important than ever to protect our immune systems through proper care.

Most news reports have covered the basics of self-care during this trial. Wash your hands whenever you come in from the outside world. Don’t touch your face. Don’t cough into the open. Whenever possible, stay at least six feet away from anyone you may encounter. Those are the basics. But what steps are you taking to boost the immune systems of yourself and your family members in the increasing likelihood that you or someone you love encounters coronavirus?

Here are some immune system boosters in Humble, TX that may help you in the coming weeks and months.

Your friendly, neighborhood bacteria

You may not be aware, but there are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells. Yes, you read that right—scores of microorganisms live on and in your body. There are concentrations of these organisms in your ears and nose, and in your mouth. Far and away, however, these foreign bacteria love to congregate in your stomach.

Your body’s immune system is there to help. In fact, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins, an enormous section of the human body’s immune system is located in the body’s gastrointestinal tract. Thousands of cells in the GI tract spend their entire existence secreting antibodies designed to nullify or counteract the presence of all those foreign bacteria.

So, when you begin your search for immune system boosters in Humble, TX, it’s best to start with items that are designed to help your digestive tract get stronger.

Vitamins that promote digestive health

When you’re hoping to improve your digestive health, you should stick to foods and supplements that provide the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin B: Promotes the creation of new red blood cells
  • Selenium: Improves digestion and reduces stress
  • Iron: An anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin C: Promotes healthy gums and teeth
  • Vitamin D: Aids in general immune system function

These are just a handful of the vitamins and minerals that can help you improve the function of your digestion.

Educate yourself at A Gift of Health

Enhancing your digestive health is just the first step when it comes to using immune system boosters in Humble, TX. At A Gift of Health, we have a massive selection of vitamins, supplements and services that can improve every aspect of your personal health, including gummy vitamins for kids and adults, liquid vitamins, prenatal vitamins and minerals of every sort.

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