Your Hair Tells a Story—Find Out What It Says About Your Health

Doctors test bodily fluids like blood and urine all the time, and scientists routinely use hair to perform DNA and drug tests—but did you know that your hair can also tell a story about your health? If you’ve never had a hair tissue mineral analysis done before in Humble, TX, you might not realize that it’s a service that can provide some illuminating insight into your overall wellbeing.

How hair analysis is performed

Depending on the reason for the test, the hair can either be cut from the head or pulled out from the root. The lab technician will ask you what kind of shampoo and hair products you use. Usually, the lab will try to wash the hair of products, sweat, oil and skin cells before examining it under a microscope. Some labs cut it up, others grind it into a powder and some even do a chemical analysis, depending on what they’re looking for.

For general hair analysis, it will likely be a sample taken from close to your skin and will undergo a variety of chemical processes and digestive procedures in order to understand its makeup. ICP spectrometry is also used to help refine results.

Before conducting a hair analysis in Humble, TX, make sure you understand what kind of hair sample is needed and the best practices for collecting it. In some cases, if you do not have sufficient hair on your head, body hair can also be substituted.

What hair analysis can reveal

The hair on your head usually sticks around for two to six years before it falls out, and while it’s growing, tiny blood cells in and around the follicle feed the growth. Your hair naturally absorbs everything you eat, drink and otherwise consume.

Hair analysis can reveal a number of different health conditions (as well as drug use and paternity). Your hair tissue mineral analysis can also tell doctors about the amount of heavy metals, like mercury, in your bloodstream and potential genetic disorders, such as Fragile X syndrome.

If you suspect you’re suffering from alopecia, hair analysis can reveal whether that’s an area of concern. Hair analysis can also determine the amount of certain minerals in your system, like potassium, calcium and magnesium, although those have potential to be contaminated or give false results, thanks to the water and other products that you use.

If you’re looking for specific results from your hair analysis, make sure you discuss the information you’re seeking with the lab before undergoing the testing.

Get a hair analysis in Humble, TX

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