Introduction to Iridology: What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul, but they might also be a way to identify health disorders and other issues. Iridology, or analyzing the iris of the eyes for certain health conditions, is an alternative medical practice that is gaining in popularity today.

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What is iridology and how is it performed?

Iridology dates back to 17th century Hungary, in which doctor Ignaz von Peczely noticed that a man with a broken leg had the same color streaks in his eyes as an owl whose leg had been broken years before. This led him to believe the eyes could reflect certain health conditions.

The practice slowly grew across Europe and became popular in America in the 1950s, thanks to a chiropractor named Bernard Jensen. Jensen believed that it was possible to see the body’s reaction to toxins in the diet and environment through the iris.

Today, iridology is performed by looking at magnified images of the iris and comparing each sector to a chart in order to determine what the person might be suffering from and to form suggestions on how to fix it.

What can iridology tell me about my health?

Iridology can offer insight into a number of different claims, including:

  • Overall health: Iridologists look at the muscle fiber and blood vessels in the iris to determine the patient’s overall health, and the eyes can be monitored for changes that may indicate disease or distress.
  • Inflammation: Depending on where inflammation is noticed in the iris, iridologists compare their location to the corresponding area on the iris chart to determine where the body might be inflamed.
  • Nutrition: The eyes can also give insight into general nutrition and whether the patient is getting the right vitamins and minerals from their diet—if not, the iridologist will recommend supplements and further monitor the eyes for changes.
  • Organ health: Your eyes may reveal whether your organs are under-functioning or overperforming, which can offer valuable information about conditions to prevent or monitor.
  • Potential genetic health issues: Finally, iridology can identify genetic markers that may be harbingers of disease or other conditions that have not yet manifested. Iridologists can make recommendations about what the patient might suffer from later in life, and how to combat that with supplements, diet and other lifestyle changes.

In short, iridology may provide non-invasive, valuable insight into your body’s workings.

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