Why Should I Get a Zyto Scan?

A Zyto scan is a significant development in holistic medicine in Humble, TX. It works by measuring the electrical fluctuations that occur in your hand’s skin membrane cells. The data produces findings that show your body’s electrical charge response and how it compares to baselines. From there, we can better assess the right supplements for you. Here are five reasons why you should schedule a Zyto scan today:

  • A better understanding of your health: Sometimes, it’s difficult to explain why you feel “off” or unwell. You may have felt this way for so long that you no longer remember specifics, or you wonder if your health practitioner is even listening. The Zyto scan can fill these gaps for you. It offers objective evidence of how your body responds to each item and compares it to data points. Your health practitioner receives a full analysis of what’s going on, and you don’t have to worry about missing vital facts.
  • New insights: Zyto scans reveal issues that are not readily noticed. If the scan shows that a biomarker or organ function is out of range, the practitioner asks additional questions that may reveal what’s happening. Practitioners also see how different results correlate with each other, which also helps them analyze your health issues better. This clearer information picture makes it easier to determine what may work best for you.
  • Focus on specific issues: Each patient has a different concern, whether it’s poor sleep, low energy or diminished focus. A Zyto scan contains categories to focus on specific concerns and see if there is an answer, or at least a suggested course of action. The scan works by finding biological coherence to nutritional products and services, which may help your sleep, energy levels or mental acuity. For example, your body may perform better with specific foods or routines, and the scan can confirm that.
  • Wellness tracking: Many of us wear step counters and other small devices to track our heart rate, blood oxygen level and whether we perform enough exercise. Like these devices, Zyto also tracks wellness factors and compares them to see if you’re moving in the right direction. You and your practitioner can see trends and patterns, which helps determine better ways to improve or maintain your health. These patterns can also detect serious conditions earlier so you can pursue the correct treatment.
  • Portable and virtual: You can get a Zyto scan anywhere! Even virtual clinics use them—all they have to do is ship a hand cradle for you to set up at your personal computer. All you need is this cradle and internet access, and you can continue receiving scans whenever necessary!

A Gift of Health provides holistic medicine services and Zyto scans in Humble, TX. If you feel a little off and want more health guidance, our wellness center is here for you. Visit or contact us today to learn more and see what works best to give you optimal health. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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