What Can Iridology Reveal?

Your eyes can say a lot about you—maybe even more than you might realize. Iridology is the holistic practice of gaining insight into a person’s health by assessing their irises. Even though iridology on its own will not tell you everything you need to know about your body, it can still be a key component of holistic medicine in Humble, TX and provide an interesting glimpse into how your body’s working. Read on for what can be revealed through iridology.

What is iridology?

Iridology uses the color, composition and reactivity of an individual’s iris to determine the health of other systems in their body, with each organ in the human body corresponding to a different region in the iris.

Modern iridology uses cameras and magnification equipment to capture images of a person’s irises for careful examination. The irises are then compared against charts that correlate regions of the iris with parts of the body, in order to assess the health of those corresponding organs.

Analyzing overall health

Our irises contain nerve endings, blood vessels and muscle fibers, which connect them to multiple complex systems within our bodies. Analyzing fibers in the iris can be highly informative about those systems.

The eyes are also a useful indicator of lifestyle changes. An iridologist may alter their previous recommendations depending on positive or negative changes that have been observed in the eyes.

Identifying inflammation

Spots, discoloration or other abnormalities in the fibers of the iris are all indicators of possible inflammation somewhere within the body. An iridologist would then consult radial and clocklike charts to identify the inflamed site.

The actual affected iris is also important to the diagnosis. Issues with the left iris correspond with potential inflammation on the left side of the body, and likewise for the right iris with the right side of the body.

Detecting potential health issues

Our irises contain genetic markers, just like the rest of our bodies. Even if a person has no current health concerns, iridology can help them figure out what lifestyle choices to focus on. Detecting signs of developing illness means preventative action and early treatment can be implemented.

Assessing organ health

Iridology in Humble, TX is a non-invasive way to determine whether our organs are functioning properly, just by looking at our irises and interpreting what they tell us about our internal systems. If an organ is over- or underactive, an iridologist can make recommendations that could improve the organ’s functions.

Determining the effect of external factors

Iridology provides insight into not only what’s in our bodies, but also what we put into our bodies and what we put our bodies through. Examining the iris can help an iridologist assess someone’s diet, breathing patterns and sleep quality. Your iris health can help pinpoint your nutritional and chemical needs, and it can also indicate your exposure to environmental toxins.

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