It’s the New Year: Time to Detox 2020 Away!

Many of us start off the new year by making a resolution. We’re going to hit the gym, lose weight or learn a new skill! Unfortunately, those commitments usually don’t last very long. That’s where our experts in holistic medicine in Humble, TX come to the rescue. This post will cover a simple three-day detox plan that’ll help you shed some pounds and start 2021 off with a healthy lifestyle.

Things to cut

Our detox program isn’t like others that require you to cut all of your favorite snacks and treats from your diet. However, you’ll need to cut out a few things for best results. Sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, processed foods and alcohol all have to go if you want your detox to be a success. These items are often stressful on the digestive system and can prevent detoxification.


Start each morning off with a glass of warm water with lemon to kickstart your digestive system and help your body operate more efficiently throughout the day. The vitamin C in the lemon will also boost your immune system, which is always crucial in a detox cleanse. After your water, make a smoothie loaded with a protein (like almonds), a fat (like coconut oil) and fresh fruits and veggies.


For lunch, we recommend a fresh green salad. Dark leafy greens and crunchy vegetables are key elements of alkalizing your body and practicing holistic medicine in Humble, TX. For extra protein, sprinkle some nuts or seeds on top. If you’re still hungry later in the afternoon, mixed berries, baby carrots and hummus help tackle hunger without ruining your detox diet.


Anyone used to a hearty dinner might have a hard time with our detox program. But in lieu of that big plate of pasta or a juicy steak, make a healthy soup instead. A thick and creamy soup, like tomato basil or curry soup, will fill you up while helping your body cleanse and heal.

Still need help? Come to A Gift of Health!

Fully detoxing from 2020 might not be as easy for some people. Anyone who needs some help should come see our team at A Gift of Health. Here’s how we can help guide you through your detox:

  • Holistic wellness center: Before your detox begins, come into our wellness center for a full-body evaluation. A few of our offerings include iridology, hair analysis, smart pulse evaluation and ZYTO scanning. Our professionals can also help tailor your detox plan specifically to your body.
  • Health foods: You can find many of the foods you need for your detox at the grocery store, but not everything! From keto-friendly foods to special herbs and teas, we have everything you need to keep your body running at peak performance.
  • Vitamins and supplements: All-natural vitamins and supplements are essential in fully detoxing your body. Fortunately for you, we have everything you need. Speak to our staff members about buying all of the right products to ensure your detox is a success.

Now’s the best time to get started with our 2021 detox program! If you need a health evaluation or help planning your diet, come to A Gift of Health. We have all of the holistic medicine products and knowledge in Humble, TX to help you through your detox.

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