Is Natural Shampoo Better for Your Hair?

The number of hair products on the market can be quite overwhelming, which can make it a bit of a challenge for you to find the right product for your specific hair. You have to consider factors such as fragrances, cleaning capability, ability to control the oils of your hair and how the product reacts with certain kinds of hair.

Lately, more people are beginning to switch to using natural shampoos and conditioners in Humble, TX. But are these products actually better for your hair than standard alternatives, or is the switch to natural just a fad?

Here’s an overview of what you should know.

The benefits of going natural

Natural shampoos and conditioners do offer several benefits to their users that are good both for your hair and for the environment. At the very least, this makes them worth looking into if you are still using standard products.

Rather than relying on chemicals, natural shampoos use various essential oils, plant extracts and other natural ingredients to clean the hair and enhance its shine and fullness. These products are designed to be gentler on the hair and beneficial to your overall health, as you’re able to avoid your hair and body absorbing the chemicals you’d find in other shampoos.

Keep in mind that shampoo doesn’t just affect your hair. It also gets absorbed through the pores in the head, which means those ingredients go back into your body. In some cases, shampoo chemicals can result in irritated skin, reduce the size of your hair follicles, or even damage your oil glands by drying out your scalp. Over time, these issues could result in hair loss.

In addition, standard shampoos also tend to have ingredients that can act as allergens or irritants, which means people with a wide range of hair and skin types could experience some unpleasant side effects by using them, especially if they are particularly sensitive to certain chemicals already.

You won’t have these same concerns with using natural hair products. They’re designed in such a way that they do not dry out the scalp or your hair, and do not interfere with the natural oil production that needs to occur for your hair to stay in good shape for long periods of time.

The benefits go beyond helping your hair and your general health—they also include benefits for the environment. Natural hair products are biodegradable and do not include synthetic products and chemicals that could damage the environment. This is important, because your shampoo will run down your drains and could eventually find its way into waterways. The use of natural products will help you do your part to reduce pollution in those waterways and protect plants, animals and their habitats.

Need a few more reasons to try natural health and beauty products in Humble, TX? We encourage you to contact us today with any questions you have about the products we offer at A Gift of Health. We look forward to providing you with further information.

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